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Want to get established in France ?

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Buying real estate in France can be a nightmare !

Most of the time,the bankers only speak french. They don’t care about non-resident clients. You’re lost and don’t understand the system. But despite all of this, you still dream about owning a house in France?

✅ You need a loan broker who cares!

They put their trust in us

While we get started on your financing solution, go ahead and find the house of your dreams

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our partners
establishing in France

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Specialized in real estate loans and their components, as well as in budget planning advice, our company is at your disposal to assist you in obtaining the best financing solution on the french market.

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French loan broker

Our history

A company Founded in 2020

Just at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic! But which best time to think out of the box, to learn, to adapt? Which best time to realize how much living in the french countryside is a concern shared by so many people? Which best time to realize how the french bank system is not adapted and how our mission is necessary?


Based in Bordeaux, in the South West of France, but turned towards the world, the company has always considered as essential to help people to invest and to get established in our beautiful country, to insure our nation’s future. What we have, the share, what we don’t have, we will find it for you!

Meet the Team

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Julia has always dreamed about living in France! She came to France 2 years ago, endured every cultural and administrative difficulty and managed to successfully established herself in Bordeaux. She knows exactly what you could go through and will definitely be at your service to share her mortgage expertise and her experience.

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After his career as a civil engineer and living abroad, Sylvain discovered a huge lack in effective and quality customer service in the French financial market. This is why three years ago he took the leap to create MEAFINANCES. The main objective and foundation of MEAFINANCES is to help everyone obtain a financing solution for their project, whatever the project may be.

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What People are Saying

Which word has the most value than our customers’s ?

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
We thank and above all we recommend MEA FINANCES. Indeed, we made our project a reality, thanks to the support of SYLVAIN DAUBERT and his team. Listening to our situation, to offer us the best financing solution. It took only 3 months to see the birth of our project become reality with the signature at the Notary. We especially appreciate the follow-up, even after the signing of the deed.
Anthony MOREAU
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Are you looking for a quality broker? You are in the right place… Mr Sylvain DAUBERT is a very professional person who will know how to listen and understand your needs! Always available, he will be your interlocutor to accompany you in all your projects. Thank you for everything.
Christian HUGOU

Frequently Asked Questions

No such thing as a stupid question

Worrying about your situation?

Do the french bank loan money to non-resident clients?

Yes they do! The key is having the best network of representatives. That’s what we have and keeping it is our main concern!

Is being a contractor a problem to borrow money in France?

Not at all, we know how to highlight your situation, whatever your sources of incomes are, and transforming a simple project to your dream house.

Down payment

How much for our down payment?

20% of the house price at the very least. But we know how to negotiate to limit it at this percentage. Because isn’t keeping your savings the key to keep growing your assets and insure your future?

Should we increase our down payment?

It depends on how much you are willing to pay for your monthly payment. But our counsel will always be to use the lever of credit at its most.

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