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Want to get established in France ?

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Worrying about your situation?

Do the french banks loan money to non-resident clients?

Yes they do! The key is having the best network of representatives. That’s what we have and keeping it is our main concern!

Is being a contractor a problem to borrow money in France?

Not at all, we know how to highlight your situation, whatever your sources of incomes are, and transforming a simple project to your dream house.

Down payment

How much for our down payment?

20% of the house price at the very least. But we know how to negotiate to limit it at this percentage. Because isn’t keeping your savings the key to keep growing your assets and insure your future?

Should we increase our down payment?

It depends on how much you are willing to pay for your monthly payment. But our counsel will always be to use the lever of credit at its most.


Will I have to deposit a part of my savings on a french bank account?

Yes it may be asked. The french banks consider mortgages as a loss leader and they are not charities…

Will my savings on this account available at any moment?

Well it will depend if this saving is used as a collateral of the mortgage by the bank, or not.


Is making an offer liable?

The only document that engages you in a real estate buying is a compromis signed by you, the seller and a notary!

Must we use a notary‘s service to buy a house?

In France, buying real estate through a notary is mandatory! They are the only ones authorized to change a Title Deed. They are also here to collect the taxes intended by the Law ! That’s mainly how Napoléon considered their role…

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