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Guarantees and an insurance rate, with complete peace of mind

Your insurance journey 

Home loan insurance protects you in the event of life’s uncertainties (ex., death, disability, unable to work, loss of employment). In the event one of these scenarios takes place, it replaces the borrowers’ portion and reimburses all or part of the loan.

Assurance emprunteur

To secure a loan, the insurer will ask you to complete a medical questionnaire in order to offer you the guarantees adapted to your borrowing profile. Therefore, this questionnaire must be completed truthfully. Omission or misrepresentation of your information may result in the forfeiture of guarantees. 

Whatever your residency country is

Your insurance cover doesn’t have to be always checked to be certain that it is efficient, wherever you work. Our job is to find insurance contract made for you, your professional and personal way of life.

The quotas

  1. If the loan is established in the name of several people (co-borrowers), you must specify to the insurer the percentage of capital insured for each, this is called the insured portion. For example, if two people are co-borrowing:
    1. The loan can insure each individual for the entire capital. If one of the co-borrowers dies, the insurer will reimburse the credit institution for all of the outstanding capital.
    2. The loan can insure both of you for a part of the capital. For example, if each of the co-borrowers is insured up to 50%, in the event of the death of one of them, the insurer will pay the credit institution 50% of the remaining capital due.
    3. Given that information, a loan must always be guaranteed at least 100%, regardless of the number of borrowers.
invest -in -france
invest -in -france

Borrower insurance is typically requested by the lender and represents a significant cost in your mortgage. But reducing this expense should not be at the expense of the quality of coverage.

A specialist is at your disposal

This is why Mea Finances has specialized in borrower insurance adapted to the needs of its clients. The contracts offered are always fixed (not limited to the customer’s loss of income in the event of contingencies), with minimal exclusions for the most competitive price on the market.

Do you want us to study borrower insurance solutions ?