A solution for every project

Have you ever found difficult to discuss with a french banker ?

To understand how they think ?

Did you ever think that they don’t give a damn about your real estate project in France ?

Would you like to obtain the best financing solution on the market, with or without a downpayment, to finance your future real estate purchase, whether it be for your main residence, your secondary residence, your rental investment or a cash purchase ?

Would you like to finance this project with a classic repayable loan, an in fine loan and/or a bridge/caveat loan ?

We are here to help you reach your goals.

Specialists in real estate credit and its derivatives, Mea Finances will support you in the search for the most sufficient financing for your profile and your project. In negotiation with our partner banks, we have the best connections to guarantee you the most optimal loan. Ex. (better interest and insurance rates, higher level of insurance guarantees, faster processing times, support at the bank and notary, tax advisory, budget advisory and organization, etc.). 

The interest rate, the borrower’s insurance rate and the mortgage loan fees are negotiated by us (guarantee, administration fees, etc.).

With a term between 7-35 years, our negotiated solutions adapt to your specific situation and are in your best interest. 


We stand by your side at each step of your project

Our work is not only limited to the negotiation of financing conditions:

  • You will have a single point of contact, from the financing study to the finalization of your project.
  • We are the ones to create and process your file.
  • We will be in charge of meeting the deadlines of your acquisition agreement.
  • We will thoroughly read-through, double-check and validate each document before you sign it.
  • We will accompany you at each bank and notary rendez-vous.

Your peace of mind comes first 

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